May 26th 1923 - September 19th 2001

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DISCLAIMER: This website has been set up to archive the works of Pastor Earl F. Jones, and others that were and are involved in the Christian Israel Movement and teach that the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and kindred people are the descendants of ancient Israelites, and that their descendants are apart of a covenant with our Lord that was first given to Abraham, and would involve his descendants forever. Which the webmaster is in full agreement with. There may be ideas and doctrine taught here that you disagree with, and possibly may be able to prove otherwise. You as the listener and reader of this material has the responsibility to search out matters and compare it with the Bible. Most of the people that's work is archive here have fallen asleep in Christ awaiting the resurrection, and cannot be corrected in a error. So use this site as a tool, and learn from the truth that is given here, even if you don't agree with a small point or two given by the authors there is still a lot to gain. Thank you!

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