Video's by Pastor Earl Jones

May 26th 1923 - September 19th 2001

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The Pastor Earl Jones
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Victory In Christ         

Also Unto the Greek

Living In and Out of Babylon
Pastor Jones gives advice on how we are to live in Babylonian captivity that we are in today here in America and still serve the Lord and His Kingdom, and how we are to use our gifts for Kingdom service.
Who was the father of Cain?
Pastor Jones gives a well thought out and researched study into who was the father of Cain, and some facts into what is known as the dual seedline doctrine of Christian Identity. Was Cain's father a supernatural Satan that mated with Eve, or was it just plainly Adam?
EJV-005Blood CovenantsA continuation of "Who was the Father of Cain?". Pastor Jones discusses the different blood covenants in the Bible.
Judaism &
The Christian World

A panel discussion by Col. Jack Mohr, Pastor Earl Jones, and Pastor Peter J. Peters concerning the truth of Judaism and their holy book the Babylonian Talmud.
EJV-007Relationship Between Love and Law
Pastor Jones gives a wonderful sermon concerning the relationship between Godly love and the Law of God. He goes into the meanings of different kinds of love in the Bible.
The Effeminized Male
This is one Pastor Jones most poplar sermons. He shows the many ways the enemy has effeminized the Christian male through doctrine, chemicals, and propaganda.
God's Rules For Warfare
Pastor Jones discusses God's Laws and rules for warfare, and how the disobeying of those Laws has effected our people and our nation.
The Unconditional Love Cult
Unconditional love? Pastor Jones talks about the doctrine of unconditional love and compares it to scripture.
Christian Survival Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion (Col. Jack Mohr, Pastor Earl Jones, Bob Arnold)
The Judeo-Christian Ethic Part 1-2
Pastor Jones compares the differences between the so called "Judeo-Christian" movement and Bible Christianity.
He Has Delivered and Will Again

Interview with Pastor Earl Jones on Christian Survival
Interview with Pastor Earl Jones on Christian Survival. Given by Paul Johnson.
Identifying God's Chosen People
Identifying God's Chosen Documentary
We Are All Survivalist
This sermons goes into the study of survivalism and how it is a natural and Biblical practice in every area and form of life from mankind to the smallest animals.
The Earl of Dysart

Rocky Mountian Family Bible Camp Skit 2001
This video is a skit performed at a Rocky Mountain Family Bible Camp in 2001.  Some of the actors in this skit are Pastor Peter J. Peters, Pastor George Southwick, Pastor Earl Jones (He passed two months after this skit), scholar Charles Weisman, Ken Anderson, singer Jim Lynch and others. I (The webmaster) was in the crowd when this was performed. It is one of my fondest memories. I believe you will enjoy it.
Panel Discussion
(Pastor Jones, Col. Mohr, Pastor Ramsey)